Green Fleet Radio

Wednesdays @ 7:23 AM, 12-1 PM, 4:21 PM
  • Hosted by Carl Lisek

Carl Lisek will serve as host for “Green Fleet Radio,” interviewing guests in the Lakeshore Public Radio studios in Merrillville on topics pertaining to South Shore Clean Cities’ mission.

South Shore Clean Cities is a nonprofit, member-based coalition dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation and clean energy options in Northern Indiana. South Shore Clean Cities is one of nearly 100 U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities coalitions. The coalitions partner with members in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to increase the use and implementation of sustainable transportation and its infrastructure. The programs supported by South Shore Clean Cities and its members strengthen the nation’s energy security, reduce dependence on imported oil, improve air quality and support local jobs and the local economy.

South Shore Clean Cities previously partnered with Lakeshore Public Radio to produce Lisek’s “The Green Commuter” radio show from 2013-2015.

Carl Lisek, host of "Green Fleet Radio" which is made possible by South Shore Clean Cities, talks with Shawn Seals and Ryan Clem of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, on Lakeshore Public Radio - 89.1 FM.

“Green Fleet Radio” to debut on Lakeshore Public Radio January 17

CROWN POINT — South Shore Clean Cities and Lakeshore Public Radio are collaborating to produce a new radio show, “Green Fleet Radio,” the partners announced Wednesday.

The show is set to debut January 17.