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Environmental Organizations Working to Protect Lake Michigan

HAMMOND - Local environmental organizations are partnering to protect the water quality and cleanliness of the lake. Michael Spinar [spin-ARR], Lake Michigan Lakewide Action and Management Plan Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, says IDEM runs the program with a big-picture perspective in mind.

"The Lake Michigan and Lakewide Action Management plan program works with other states, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan to help protect the Lake and...

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Regionally Speaking With Chris Nolte

Brandon Smith, IPBS News

Regionally Speaking, Thursday, June 22, 2017

Today: It's Reporters Roundtable Thursday, where we ask reporters from northwest Indiana media to talk about their stories of recent days. This week we have Bob Kasarda, Joseph Pete and Dan Carden with the Times of Northwest Indiana, Jon Gard of the LaPorte Herald Argus and Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore. The stories range from Dan Carden's report on the 45 different Indiana tax and fee increases (by his count) that will take effect on July 1st -- to Jon Gard's report on the...

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Eye on the Arts

Join host John Cain as he explores the arts and entertainment of Northwest Indiana each week in Eye on the Arts.

Shelf Discovery

Each week on Shelf Discovery, host Kristin Dreyer Kramer offers listeners a brief look inside the pages of a new book. From mysteries to memoirs, and classics...

Reel Discovery

Each week on Reel Discovery, host Kristin Dreyer Kramer takes a quick look at the latest in movies -- from the hottest new blockbusters to little-known indies...

East Chicago Lead Contamination Crisis

East Chicago Residents Continue Legal Fight For Lead Clean Up

The federal government continues to oppose intervention by a group of East Chicago, Indiana, residents, who are asking a U.S. District Court to give them a larger role in the clean up of their lead and arsenic contaminated neighborhood. The East Chicago residents were first turned down in May by Magistrate Judge Paul Cherry. He ruled, “This case was closed over two years ago. To allow [the residents] to intervene now…would be highly prejudicial to the parties, who have already negotiated,...

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Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies about the Russia Investigation, Annotation and Live Video

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee at 2:30pm ET today, as the investigation continues into Russian attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. Sessions is expected to take questions about his recusal from the Russia investigation, his own meetings with Russian officials, and what if anything he knew about a private Oval Office meeting between President Trump and fired FBI Director James Comey. Here is Sessions' prepared opening...

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