Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oct 25, 2017

State Rep. Michael Aylesworth (R-Hebron) in House chambers

Today:  we revisit our conversation about the new (to Indiana) idea of a subscription fee to pay for medical care with Portage family practitioner Timothy Ames.  He switched from the traditional medical insurance route for being paid for his services to what is called "direct primary care."  Dr. Ames says this method's popular in other states.

State Representative Michael Aylesworth (R-Hebron) joins us to talk about four "town hall" meetings coming up, beginning Thursday in Cedar Lake and Lowell and on Monday in Hebron and Kouts.  He'll talk about the issues likely to come up in the next General Assembly session at these "town hall" meetings as well as hear from his constituents.

And "Counterpoint" Lakeshore PBS host Garrard McClendon and his guests discuss whether it is time to look at a new way to gauge economic success.