Partnership Increases Mental Health Resources For Hoosier Schools

Mar 13, 2018

Nearly one-third of Hoosier students report feeling sad or hopeless, and school is the de facto mental health system for many of them.

A new partnership increases mental health resources for Indiana schools as one website adds tools to help school systems address the social and emotional needs of students.

Indiana University’s School Mental Health Initiative partnered with the Lutheran Foundation to help schools address students' challenges, including anxiety, depression and substance abuse.

Project coordinator for the Look Up website, Heather Huntley says the goal is give educators more tools.

“So they can effectively support the mental health of students and foster that resiliency and promote the development of a whole child within the existing school structure,” says Huntley.

The new resources are available online and include a searchable statewide provider directory. Huntley says the site can serve as a one-stop-shop for educators.

“You might be able to find help for other things,” says Huntley. “So let’s say an educator goes to the schools page and, while they’re there, they might be able to refer a family in need to other help.” Other tools include videos, articles on mental health and talking points.