2017 income tax returns

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Today:  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer joins us again, this time to offer some wise financial advice on how to best use a 2017 income tax refund.  He says the average taxpayer got a refund of several hundred dollars and some get back one thousand dollars or more. 

We bring you another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.  This conversation is from a woman who recalls her family life in Gary and how her mother hesitated to move out of the home in which she lived with her husband and raised her children.

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Today:  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer is back to talk about the ways that investors can remain calm in a long-running bull market, as we're experiencing, and get some last-minute tips and advice when preparing the 2017 income tax returns ahead of the April 19th filing deadline.

We have another edition of Green Fleet Radio, supported by South Shore Clean Cities, with host Carl Lisek and guest Ted Barns with Gas Technology Institute.  We also have the third of the three-part series from Indiana Public Broadcasting's Emilee Syberg on low-income housing in Indiana.

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Today: Irene Boone Phillips and Mike Meska, both with Franciscan Health -- a lead community agency for the Lake County Smoking Prevention and Cessation Program -- join us in the studio to talk about the efforts this week, and the week of February 19th, across Indiana to tell stories and conversations that they hope will emphasize the importance of stopping smoking -- or not beginning to smoke at all.  Both Irene and Mike say they want to make sure no one suffers any longer from the impact of the tobacco industry.