Lakeshore Update

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Each week "Lakeshore Update" brings you news, talk, and information that you might have missed, but need to know. "Lakeshore Update" is posted each Friday, and is good through Monday morning, just in time for Morning Edition, at 6 AM. You can stream episodes here, or on NPR One - search for "WLPR" and make Lakeshore Public Radio - 89.1 FM your home station.

On this edition of the podcast, we'll hear from Steven Lattimore as he talks about the National Gun Awareness Day celebration in Gary. John Cain host of “Eye on the Arts”  talks with Eric Roldan about an upcoming music and arts fest in Hammond this weekend, and Chris Nolte talked with Stephanie Powe about a special summer learning program.

On this edition of Lakeshore Update, we'll hear from Steven Lattimore as he reports on the protests at the Gary International Airport, we'll find out about a summer program to study lead levels in school tap water across the Hoosier state, and "Regionally Speaking" host Chris Nolte talks with Northwest Indiana activist Ruth Needleman.

On this Memorial Day Weekend edition of the podcast, we'll hear from Steven Lattimore about a new VFW post in Gary, and Jill Sheridan reports on what the Indy 500 is doing to help organ donors. We'll also hear from Nick Janzen about the conservation of Bison in Indiana, along with John Cain on “Eye On the Arts” about the upcoming performance of Primal Roots.

On this edition of "Lakeshore Update," we find out the latest about the Indiana State Department of Health's response to the opiod epidemic, segregation in Hoosier schools, and just what kind of impact does all the rain have for contaminating water reserves.

On this edition of "Lakeshore Update," host Sara Dykstra explains how President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey might impact a state senate race in 2018, we'll get the latest on a lawsuit involving the Gary-Chicago International Airport, and we'll hear from John Cain with "Eye on the Arts."

On this week's "Lakeshore Update" we'll get an update from Nick Janzen on the struggles residents continue to face in East Chicago, what Governor Holcomb and Senator Melton think of their first sessions, Sharon Jackson reports that Mt. Baldy will finally re-open, and we'll get the latest from host Sara Dykstra on four school referendums in the Region.