Mondays at 12 AM
  • Hosted by Mark Chilla

The origins of Afterglow are rather misty now, but dogged detective work based entirely on an offhand reply from creator Dick Bishop leads us to believe that the program debuted on WFIU sometime in the late 1970s.

Dick took the title of the show and his theme from a Marian McPartland composition; all of the rest—the elegance, the passion, the laidback expertise, the congenial charm, and the delivery with a “martini moon” quality to it—came from Dick himself.

In addition to his considerable knowledge and love for the jazz and American popular song that he played every Friday evening, Dick also drew on his personal relationships and encounters with many of the performers that he featured.

Dick signed off on his last Afterglow program in January of 2005, turning the show over to David Brent Johnson, who also hosts WFIU’s Night Lights. In February of 2015 David passed the baton to Mark Chilla.

The theme music you hear each week at the beginning of the show is a tune by Marian McPartland called “In the Days of Our Love,” although it used to have a different title before Peggy Lee added lyrics to it. The title of the original instrumental tune was, appropriately, “Afterglow.” The recording we use is by McPartland off of her 1993 album In My Life. This also used to be Afterglow‘s theme music in the Dick Bishop years of the show.

Two other songs are frequently used as transition or fade-out music. They are “Dancing in the Dark” by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz (which was the Afterglow theme in the David Brent Johnson years) and “‘S Wonderful” by George and Ira Gershwin. Both of these recordings come from the album The Astaire Story, featuring Fred Astaire with Oscar Peterson on piano.

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