An Urgent Message From Our CEO

Jul 17, 2017

Dear Lakeshore Public Radio Listeners:

Lakeshore Public Radio has been an integral part of the Northwest Indiana community for nearly 10 years. In this time our reporters, hosts, support staff, and volunteers have served the region by bringing people in our community together with award-winning local stories and events that educate, inspire, and respond to the needs of everyone here in the region.

While support has grown in dollars and donors over the years, it hasn’t grown at a rate high enough to ensure the station’s financial sustainability. In an effort to keep the region’s local, non-profit voice viable, I ask that you make a contribution to Lakeshore Public Radio now and help put the station on a path of sustainability.

Over the past few years the station has made cuts to staff and other categories to avoid any loss of programming or service for our listeners. Despite these cuts, Lakeshore Public Radio still needs to raise $95,744  to avoid a deficit before the end of our fiscal year, September 30, 2017.

While no direct decisions have been made on what will happen if the station does not reach its goal, all options are on the table, and one thing is certain: the station must become financially sustainable to continue to provide Northwest Indiana with quality, local news and information.

In a time when many small news organizations find it easier to close shop or be consumed by larger agencies, Lakeshore Public Radio has stood firm in its dedication to Northwest Indiana. We promote civic engagement through local town hall conversations and coverage of local politics that won’t be found anywhere else, and perhaps most importantly, we do all these things not in a vacuum, but with community involvement, and community members like you as our partner.

Once again, I ask that you please take a moment now to make a financial contribution, and thank you in advance. Your support is vital to ensure that Lakeshore Public Radio listeners can know, care about, and understand all the issues impacting you and your community by driving conversations, providing a public record and covering the news that happens in your own backyard.  

With appreciation,

James A. Muhammad
President & CEO 
Lakeshore Public Media

Opportunities to Make a Transformative Gift

Major gifts of support play a key role in providing firm footing for Lakeshore Public Radio and will leave a lasting legacy for future generations. If you are in a position to make a Transformative Gift, Lakeshore Public Radio can provide unique opportunities to recognize and thank you, your family or business. We welcome a conversation with you to find the most appropriate way to acknowledge the important legacy you have provided. Please call 219-756-5656 and ask for Ben or Wende.

Current Opportunities Include

Studio naming rights

On-air recognition through underwriting of specific programming

Annual report

Member guide

Donor wall recognition

Opportunities for involvement