Tom Lounges’ 2017 Lakeshore Public Radio Programs & Schedule of Guests

Apr 20, 2017



"MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" airs TUESDAYS @ 7pm Central                 (Rebroadcast Fridays @ 11pm Central)

"A Look At The Arts with Tom Lounges" airs FRIDAYS @ 1pm Central

* NOTE:  Scheduled guests and topics are subject to change.


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TUESDAY, APRIL  18 -- 7:00pm -- “MIDWEST BEAT”

TOPIC:  APRIL IS INTERNATIONAL GUITAR MONTH!  In honor of that, each week in APRIL "MIDWEST BEAT with TOM LOUNGES" features a Guitar Guest.

Musical Guest:   Guitar Virtuoso STEVE HACKETT (formerly of Genesis)

Just in time to kick off April -- which is International Guitar Month -- guitar virtuoso and rock legend, STEVE HACKETT (formerly of Genesis), is releasing his latest album "The Night Siren," via InsideOut Music/Sony.   As implied in the title,  is a wake-up call…the warning of a siren sounding in this era of strife and division.

"The Night Siren" showcases Steve’s incredible guitar, along with musicians from several different countries, including singers from Israel and Palestine, who both actively campaign to bring Jewish and Arabic people together.   There are also instrumentals from the USA and Iraq, and a multiplicity of sounds, including the exotic strains of Indian sitar and Middle Eastern tar and oud, the ethnic beauty of the Peruvian charango, and the haunting Celtic Uilleann pipes.  Prog-rock guitar god meets World Music... a show NOT to miss!

* Repeats on FRIDAY, APRIL 21st @ 11pm.


FRIDAY,  APRIL 21 -- 1:00pm – "A LOOK AT THE ARTS"

Guest:  CATHERINE LANIGAN  (supporting the Library Tea on April 29) with CAROL MOORE of the Lake Co. Public Library Foundation Board.

CATHERINE LANIGAN — the bestselling author of nearly forty published titles in both fiction and non-fiction -- has been an in-studio guest on "A LOOK AT THE ARTS" four previous times and Lakeshore listeners love her. 

Catherine's work includes the novelizations of “Romancing the Stone” and “The Jewel of the Nile,” both enjoyed success as  films starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito.   She has written over 40 books, many romance tales for Harlequin Books;  with her latest coming out soon.

This time she will be focusing on her latest book -- "Protecting The Single Mom" -- a book with domestic violence as the backstory of her current characters.  

Listeners will have multiple opportunities to call in to win signed copies of new books.  The studio contest line is:  (219) 769-9577

Lanigan will also be discussing her upcoming public speaking engagement on April 28 at   for children.  Foundation President CAROL MOORE  joins Lanigan in studio to discuss the Foundation's "Annual Spring Tea" fundraiser



Two Musical Guests:   Rock Guitar Icon MICHAEL SCHENKER & TED NUGENT

APRIL is International Guitar Month!  So for the final week of April, Tom is doubling the fun and the frets with two iconic Classic Rock guitar gods.

Guitar rock legend, MICHAEL SCHENKER (formerly of UFO, Scorpions and MSG), will discuss his new release -- "Michael Schenker Fest - Tokyo" -- a live collection featuring all three of the Michael Schenker Group vocalists from throughout the years,  Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAualey.   "Michael Schenker Fest - Tokyo" is available in a variety of formats and packages -- 2-CD, 2-CD+DVD COMBO, LP, DVD, BLU-RAY, DIGITAL.

This program's other guest  is Tom Lounges' old friend -- gonzo guitarist TED NUGENT -- who is spending his summer touring across America with a July 20th stop at Merrillville's STAR PLAZA THEATER.   The Nuge will talk about his love of Gibson guitars, the new U.S. tour, his continuing efforts to support and honor America's military personnel, and Lord knows what else.  Nugent always makes for a great radio show! 

Songs from Schenker's new album and from Nugent's classic catalog will be featured during the respective  interviews.

* Repeats on FRIDAY, APRIL 28th @ 11pm.




In celebration of the veteran kings of Southern Rock  -- LYNYRD SKYNYRD -- coming to perform at Star Plaza Theater, "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges," welcomes the group's lead vocalist JOHNNY VAN ZANT for a conversation about the proud legacy of his band, the Van Zant family of performers, the current tour, and the future of a group who has not only survived, but thrived against the odds for over 40 years.




American boy band -- O-TOWN -- is coming to Theatre at the Center (TATC) in Munster for a one night only concert on Friday, April 28 at 7:30 pm.

Member JACOB UNDERWOOD will call in to discuss the current show and what prompted the guys (now mid-to-late 30s) to reunited for the "second chapter" of the O-Town saga.

O-TOWN -- featuring ERIK-MICHAEL ESTRADA, TREVOR PENICK, JACOB UNDERWOOD, and DAN MILLER-- was formed in 2000 during the first season of ABC-TV’s "Making the Band," one of the first reality shows on a major network.   The hit program chronicled the formation and rise to success of a boy band whose first singles "Liquid Dreams" and "All or Nothing" achieved platinum sales success, along with their debut album.

Breaking up in 2004 to pursue individual endeavors, the foursome recently reunited to making music together once again.  A new fourth studio album is in the works


TUESDAY, MAY  2 -- 7:00pm -- “MIDWEST BEAT”

TOPIC:  APRIL WAS INTERNATIONAL GUITAR MONTH!  This week marks the last show in the "MIDWEST BEAT with TOM LOUNGES" special "Guitar-Driven" series celebrating the guitar.

Musical Guest:  GREG KIHN

This week's "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" features one the best pop-rock songwriter/performers in the business -- GREG KIHN -- who recently released his first new collection of music in 20 years.  "REKIHNDLED" is an 11 song set of tunes getting strong support on NPR and College Radio outlets, which has put Kihn and his band back on the tour trail.

KIHN and his son RYAN KIHN are now musical collaborators and band mates, which only serves to double the fun and creativity found on these tracks.   These new songs are future gems and a few will be heard on this week's program, along with a few choice hits from Kihn's rich musical catalog like "The Break Up Song," "Jeapordy" and others.

* Repeats on FRIDAY, MAY 5th @ 11pm.


FRIDAY,  MAY 5 -- 1:00pm – "A LOOK AT THE ARTS"

Guest:  Children's Book Author NICK MANTIS (Waterville Book Series)

Northwest Indiana native NICK MANTIS -- a long time region videographer is also the creator and writer of the delightfully entertaining and educational Waterville Book series populated by many colorful characters who live in the wild.   The series goal is to teach children from an early age about the importance of caring for Mother Earth and how everyone needs to do their part for the environment by becoming ecological stewards, so wildlife and natural resources will continue to flourish. 


TUESDAY, MAY  9 -- 7:00pm -- “MIDWEST BEAT”

TOPIC:   The Impact of Guitar Icon ALLAN HOLDSWORTH

GUESTS:  MARCO VILLARREAL (guitar virtuoso) and CHRIS HOARD (writer)

Guitar master ALLAN HOLDSWORTH was originally scheduled to be the final guest of the "INTERNATIONAL GUITAR MONTH" series of "Midwest BEAT" shows.  Allan was scheduled to guest on the MAY 2nd program to discuss his outstanding 40-plus year career in music, as songs were spotlighted from his new solo career-encompassing 12-CD box set "Allan Holdsworth: The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever," released by Los Angeles-based Manifesto Records.

Allan was to have pre-recorded his interview (his hectic performing schedule made it too difficult for him to guest live), but he tragically died at his California home just two days prior to his scheduled interview with show host TOM LOUNGES.  Allan was 70.

So this evening's "Midwest BEAT" program will instead serve as a remembrance of this gifted guitarist who as the title of his box set aptly proclaims was "The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever."    In-studio for this sad, yet celebratory program will be Northwest Indiana guitar virtuoso MARCO VILLARREAL to discuss about what made Allan so unique to the world of guitar playing.   Joining by phone will be CHRIS HOARD, who wrote the liner notes for "Allan Holdsworth: The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever."

* Repeats on FRIDAY, May 12th @ 11pm.


FRIDAY,  MAY 12 -- 1:00pm – "A LOOK AT THE ARTS"

Guest:  To be Determined

More to come...


TUESDAY, MAY  16 -- 7:00pm -- “MIDWEST BEAT”


The musical guest for this week's program is GARY BROOKER - vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter and founding member of the iconic British rock group PROCOL HARUM - who have a brand new studio album "NOVUM"  (released April 21) via Eagle Records, featuring the advance online single, “Sunday Morning,” which has been getting strong response from their fans.

This is the band's 13th studio career album, and their first studio album in 14 years, following 2003’s "THE WELL’S ON FIRE."   The band is not only celebrating its new album this year, but also its 50th Anniversary. The album release is preceded by that of the single “Sunday Morning” on April 7th.

PROCOL HARUM has been an evolving musical force from the first performance in ’67, but has always been led by Gary Brooker.   Most of today’s line-up has been playing together since the early 1990s and includes: bassist Matt Pegg (Jethro Tull), drummer Geoff Dunn (Jimmy Page, Dave Stewart, Van Morrison), guitarist Geoff Whitehorn (Paul Rodgers, Roger Daltrey) and Hammond organ player Josh Phillips (Pete Townsend, Midge Ure).   Selections from "NOVUM"  will be featured during the program, along with a classic PROCOL HARUM song or two.

* Repeats on FRIDAY, May 19th @ 11pm.


FRIDAY,  MAY 19 -- 1:00pm – "A LOOK AT THE ARTS"

Guest:  To be Determined

More to  come...



Musical Guest:   JOHN O'HARA & IAN ANDERSON of Jethro Tull

A different kind of JETHRO TULL album is the topic of this week's "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges," one where Tull classics are given totally new arrangements and performed as chamber music.

On board to discuss this very unique collection is the brilliant British musician, arranger, producer JOHN O'HARA and Flutist/Vocalist/founder IAN ANDERSON.   The two will discuss the making of "JETHRO TULL: THE STRING QUARTETS,a set of 12 wholly re-imagined tunes from the beloved band's catalog, beautifully arranged by O'Hara for string quartet and recorded with The Carducci Quartet and ANDERSON in the crypt of a centuries old cathedral. 

Some songs likely to be heard on this program sport such revised titles such as "Aquafugue," "Songs And Horses," "In The Past," and "Bungle." 

Multi-instrumentalist O'Hara holds teaching positions at Bath and Bristol Universities, along with being a guest tutor at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. In 2007, he famously adapted and scored The Who's "Quadrophenia" for the live theatre stage.  

* Repeats on FRIDAY, May 26th @ 11pm.


FRIDAY,  MAY 26 -- 1:00pm – "A LOOK AT THE ARTS"

Guest:  JOHN HALL -- Rock Star Politician Turned Author

Rock music performer JOHN HALL first tasted fame as the band leader and voice of the 1970s hit-making group, ORLEANS, before stepping up to serve his country as a member of the U.S. Congress.

Hall has written a colorful memoir of his journey through life thus far with the new release -- "STILL THE ONE: A ROCK’N’ROLL JOURNEY TO CONGRESS AND BACK" -- which cleverly utilizes the title of ORLEANS ' biggest hit in the title.

Along with being the founder of ORLEANS, whose hits included “Still The One” and “Dance With Me” -- John Hall co-wrote Janis Joplin’s “Half Moon,” Steve Wariner's #1 country hit "You Can Dream of Me," and also “Power,” which became the theme of the NO NUKES concerts in the 1970s.  

John has collaborated in studio or on stage with such musical talents as -- Little Feat, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, Chet Atkins, Carly Simon and many others

Hall's environmental concerns is what led him into community activism followed by  politics where he won a seat in Congress in 2006, and has since returned to music in 2011 with a newly re-energized ORLEANS.