Sustainability Campaign Update

Oct 9, 2017



Hello everyone,

Happy new year!  Well, it is for Lakeshore Public Radio anyway.  We entered into the new fiscal year on October 1st after a tough last quarter.  In actuality, it’s been tough from the start for Lakeshore Public Radio.  No sob story to follow, I just want to give you more perspective. 

Eight years ago, our Board of Directors along with leadership at Lakeshore PBS sought to expand on our mission of non-for-profit public media by partnering with a local banker to secure a million dollar loan for the purchase of a local radio station now known as Lakeshore Public Radio.  Leadership had planned to expect a deficit budget for up to four years while the organization worked to build awareness, provide valuable programming and grow our membership base which all NPR stations do.  While we’ve succeeded in building a fantastic schedule of programming, award-winning reporting, partner programs with The League of Women Voters, Purdue Northwest, The Welcome Project at Valparaiso University and many more we have however been operating at a budgetary deficit longer than expected.  This does not allow for growth and restricts our daily operations.  How do we move forward?  Here’s our plan;

  • Lakeshore Public Radio will continue to provide quality and relevant NPR and local programming for NW Indiana.

  • Continue to market and build awareness of Lakeshore Public Radio with the help of our wide network of community partners, bartering when we can and spending when it makes good business sense.

  • Continue to work with area businesses towards securing underwriting support.

  • The organization from the Board to staff to volunteers will continue to work effectively and efficiently in a fiscally responsible manner, while we provide the most relevant news, information and content for NW Indiana. 

  • Your support!

Yes, you are a part of this plan because we cannot do it without you.  We depend on the financial contributions of individual members in our listening area.  It is imperative that the NW Indiana community shares in the support of this station and the programming we provide. 

It is my pledge to you that Lakeshore Public Radio will do our part by continuing to be good stewards of your donations, practice sound business practices, provide you with the best local and national programs we can afford, continue to connect with communities throughout the region, hold local politicians, schools, and leaders in area health, transportation and other services accountable by providing you with information that will impact you.  But, we cannot do it without your pledge of financial support.

This partnership requires mutual trust, I know.  I welcome an opportunity to talk with you.  Call, email or write me.  You are welcome to our offices during any hour of operation, heck come by unannounced.  I’m happy to meet over coffee, or sit with you at your kitchen table and answer any questions.  We can do this, but it has to be together.

Thank you for your current and future support.


James Muhammad, Pres/CEO

Lakeshore Public Media