Regionally Speaking, Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jul 18, 2017

Credit Adam Moss, Flickr

Today:  An update on big projects underway in East Chicago, from Milton Reed and Marino Solario.  Reed is an economic development consultant for Mayor Anthony Copeland and Solario is the city's Director of Planning and Economic Development. They bring us up-to-date on things like the downtown revitalization plan, Harborwalk and new businesses opening in East Chicago.

We talk with Pastor Willie Johnson of the Mission of Jesus Christ church on Kennedy Ave. in East Chicago about the huge garden on what used to be a house lot behind the church.  Hundreds of vegetable plants are growing there, and will yield plenty of food for the neighborhood -- and the community --  as well as give the young members of the church a sense of hope.

And we bring back our conversation with Rich Murphy, Michigan City's City Controller, about the ArtsSpace Lofts project in a building that at one time was home to a busy department store.  The project won a recent Innovators Award from the Society of Innovators in Northwest Indiana.