Regionally Speaking, Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dec 5, 2017

State Rep. Charlie Brown speaking to colleagues in Indiana House of Representatives
Credit Indiana Democratic Party Caucus

Today:   we revisit our conversation with State Representative Charlie Brown (D-Gary), who says this is to be his last General Assembly session.  Brown is not seeking re-election and is endorsing fellow Democrat and Gary Common Councilwoman Regan Hatcher for the party's primary election  in May.

Residents in Valparaiso can learn how to help "stop the bleed" if anyone they encounter is bleeding profusely before the first responders arrive.  Valparaiso Fire Chief Chad Dutz joins us to talk about this Sunday's initial public awareness and training session at MAAC,

We bring you another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.  The WP collects first-person stories and pairs them with intentional conversation to help forge strong ties within and across our communnities.  More WP conversations are online at

And northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer was with us recently to talk about the things one should kno,w when preparing to list any 2017 charitable contributions on their federal income tax returns next year -- and that includes Lakeshore Public Radio. We revisit that conversation as the Dec. 31 deadline approaches.