Regionally Speaking, Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug 1, 2017

Credit AP-Think Progress website

Today:  We meet and talk with Miguel Molina, a northwest Indiana resident who is involved in "The People's Voice" project -- a statewide project with a mission to "transform Indiana into a state that represents the wishes of all Hoosiers through civic engagement." 

Miguel and others in northern Indiana are working to give what are called "low propensity voters" a voice in the community through voter education and voter registration programs ahead of the 2018 election cycle.

The Calumet Artist Residency is working through the city of Gary's Poetry Project and a community church in the Emerson Neighborhood to display their works on the boarded-up windows of the closed Emerson High School building.  We talk with Sam Love of the Calumet Artist Registry about this project -- and he reads a couple poems that will soon be on display on those windows.

And Leslie Plesac of Purdue University Northwest's Sinai Forum program gives up a preview of the speakers who will be visiting the Westville campus this autumn and their topics, ranging from politics to science, to history and sports.  Season tickets are now available on the Sinai Forum page of the Purdue University Northwest Web site.