Regionally Speaking, Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aug 3, 2017

The state Distressed Unit Appeals Board chooses a company to become the Gary Community School Corp. emergency manager --one of the stories on this week's Reporters' Roundtable
Credit GCSC

Today: On this Reporter Roundtable Thursday, we hear from three reporters for the Times of Northwest Indiana about the stories they covered online and in print this week: Dan Carden, Bob Kasarda and Joseph Pete. 

The topics today range from the new emergency manager named for the Gary Community School Corp. --  to new jobs ahead for LaPorte Mayor Blair Milo and Valparaiso Police Chief Michael Brickner -- to the latest on the Strack and VanTil Supermarkets transition from Central Grocers, Inc. to the new owners Indiana Grocery Group, and comments from U.S. Steel Corp.'s new CEO.