Regionally Speaking, Thursday, August 24, 2017

Aug 24, 2017

Lake County Sheriff John Buncich with his attorneys outside the U.S. Courthouse in Hammond. A jury returned guilty verdicts on Thursday in Buncich's trial: one of the stories on Reporters Roundtable Thursday.
Credit NWI Times

Today:   On this Reporters Roundtable, a look at the major local news stories of the week from the reporters who covered them for their respective media.  Our public radio colleague Michael Puente is with us, along with Javonte Anderson of the Post-Tribune and, from the Times of northwest Indiana, Bob Kasarda and Ed Bierschenk.

The stories covered include the latest on the public corruption trial of Lake County Sheriff John Buncich, the ICE transportation of illegal immigrants through the Gary-Chicago International Airport, plans by the city of Hammond to buy the historic -- but delapidated -- Hotel LaSalle, and the Porter County Council's support of funding for a multi-million-dollar improvement plan for government buildings and stormwater projects.