Our 2018 Spring Pledge Drive Has Begun!

Mar 15, 2018

We all know that the only way to have a great garden in the summer, is to work on it in the spring. It's the same way when it comes to public radio.

Lakeshore Public Radio - 89.1 FM's Spring Membership Campaign has sprung, and we need your support to make sure your public radio station in Northwest Indiana is here for years to come.

Donate right now!

Your pledge, whether you're a first time donor or you're upping your monthly sustaining membership, helps to bring this quality, award winning (and award nominated) programming and news to all of Northwest Indiana. Lakeshore Public Radio - 89.1 FM serves the Region; from Crown Point to Portage, Gary to Valparaiso, Chesterton to Munster, and all points in-between that we call home.

Lakeshore Public Radio - 89.1 FM brings you conversations that enrich your understanding of the community around you. With programs like "Regionally Speaking," with host Chris Nolte, you understand the value of bringing diverse thoughts, ideas, and opinions to the discussion - regardless of the topic. "Lakeshore Update" helps you stay informed each weekend on all the news you might've missed, with Dee Dotson!

Whether it's the great local news, talk, and information, or the national news and information from "Morning Edition" (hosted locally by Chris Nolte) and "All Things Considered" (hosted locally by Sharon Jackson) all points are covered in a discussion, and your donation makes that possible.