Michigan City Schools Tech Program Gets "Innovators Award"

Oct 17, 2017

Last spring at Edgewood Elementary School; Dr. Eason-Watkins is visiting a 6th grade classroom where students are working with Chromebooks.
Credit Michigan City Area Schools

Michigan City Area Schools Superintendent Barbara Eason-Watkins is excited about her school district's "1:1" (one-student, one-device) high tech expansion program that includes Chromebook computers for students.  She joined us on "Regionally Speaking" on Tuesday to talk about it.

The program, supported by grants from the community and other sources, gives Michigan City students a chance to organize and enhance their work and stay engaged through "blended learning": the process of combining digital and traditional learning.  The program's picked up another "Innovators Award" for the school district from the Society of Innovators in Northwest Indiana.