Man Accused Of Killing Southport Officer In Court

Aug 9, 2017

The man accused of killing a Southport police officer had his first court hearing Wednesday. Jason Brown’s court date was twice delayed because of injuries he sustained in a car crash where Officer Aaron Allan tried to rescue him.

According to an affidavit, Brown shot Aaron Allan 11 times while hanging upside down in an overturned car. Another officer responding to the July 27 accident shot Brown.

At the hearing Brown, who still had visible facial injuries, said he understood the charge of murder. His lawyer entered a not guilty plea. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry says the death penalty or life in prison will be weighed carefully.

“After a little passage of time, to give the family some time to finish the grieving process, we will sit down with the family to discuss options as well,” says Curry.

Curry says they are building a case.

“We have attained the defendants medical records from Eskenazi which we’ll be reviewing obviously,” Curry says. “And then there is additional forensic work that will need to be done and has been set in motion.”

Brown also faces a misdemeanor marijuana charge. He was transferred to the Indiana Department of Corrections.