Gary International Black Film Festival Wraps Up Its 7th Season

Oct 16, 2017

Credit Gary International Black Film Festival website

The founder of the Gary International Black Film Festival, Karen Toering, joined us in the "Regionally Speaking" studio on Monday to talk about how the suceessful film festival -- it's just completed its 7th year -- got started and about some of the unique films created by black film makers. 

The festival supports community building by bringing audiences and artists together to venues like Indiana University Northwest's Bergland Auditorium.  There were also panel discussions, screenings for school-age youth and in-depth chats with film makers, industry leaders and community leaders.  Many of the events associated with the Black Film Festival were held in "ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen" in downtown Gary.

Karen also talks about another festival-related event in Gary this week.  She begins with a history lesson.