DACA Job Licenses Bill On Clear Path Near Session's End

Mar 13, 2018

Legislation to ensure DACA recipients can receive job licenses is on a clear path toward passage after a slight speed bump last week.

The issue popped up late in session – recipients of the federal immigration program known as DACA were denied licenses through the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. That’s because of a recent interpretation of a 2011 state immigration law.

A provision added to a bill in recent weeks appeared to solve the problem. But concerns arose last week the language was too broad.

Now, lawmakers in both chambers agree on legislation to fix the issue. And Sen. Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) says DACA recipients will get the help they need.

“[They] have accomplished their studies and now would like to apply for and receive whatever certifications or licensing they need," Lanane says. "And so I applaud the language and I support what you’ve done here.”

The House and Senate will vote on the measure to send it to the governor.