Casual Fridays, May 12, 2017

May 12, 2017

The "Girls Night Out" group of women who visit restaurants each month and write reviews consists of from left, Rosanne Skertich, Diane Nelson, Liz Moses Culp, Tess Mangold, Ellen Schwartz and June Huber. (Not pictured is Kathy Kulchawick.)
Credit Jerry Davich / Post-Tribune/Lakeshore Public Radio

My Mother's Day column will introduce Lakeshore listeners to a group of seven local women who've been meeting monthly for six years.

Originally to celebrate their birthdays and update their lives, but eventually to dine at restaurants across Northwest Indiana and write reviews on their meals and service, based on their ethnic backgrounds.

One of those women, Liz Moses Culp, will be calling in to my Casual Friday's radio show, giving listeners a sneak peek at the restaurants they've reviewed through the years.

We also will talk on the studio line with Robert Sirkot, the longtime professor of art at Valparaiso University who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. If you recall, I recently wrote about his compelling "cancer drawings," which are being exhibited and which attracted a lot of reader feedback.

Also, if you’ve tried pitching a story idea to local media, whether it’s newspapers, radio stations or magazines, you know how tough it may be to convey all the info in a way that entices and engages media reps, editors or journalists.

On Saturday, June 10, I will again be hosting my annual Media Relations 101 seminar at the Lake County Library. But I’ll give Casual Friday's listeners a sneak peek, and what YOU can do better to get your service, product or organization more publicity, for FREE.

Plus, I’ll give listeners a sneak peek at my weekend columns, including my Monday column on all the different ways to make a buck in NWI, reminding me that hustling is the currency I admire most. All that and more on this week's show.