Casual Fridays February 24th, 2017

Feb 24, 2017

It’s called Z’s Donut Bar and Bakery and it’s attracting lines of customers out its single door who are waiting an hour - or two! – for a costly milkshake or a pricey sweet treat, ever since a video of its magical milkshakes went viral earlier this month.   

Where oh where is this amazing place located? ……In Gary, Indiana, across from a Broadway church, abandoned homes and gritty, hardscrabble streets. Yes, Gary.

Jerry and I paid a visit to Z’s Donut Bar earlier this week, chatted with its owner and watched the magic happen in front of our very own eyes. We also met its owner, Lashun Taylor, a 47-year-old Gary native who revealed to us her secret recipe for such unlikely success in a city that can surely use such a surprise.

On today’s show, we will talk with Lashun and she will also reveal her delicious secret with Lakeshore listeners.

Later in the show, we’ll share our annual predictions for this Sunday’s Academy Awards and we challenge YOU to make your predictions too and possibly win free movie tickets to the Portage Imax theater.

Also, we’ll explore the firestorm behind my column today in the Post-Tribune on illegal immigration and undocumented aliens. It has reignited a fiery debate about this issue, separating us into two distinct ideological camps. I’ll tell you which camp I’m in, and I welcome your views too.

And we will touch on the touching 9/11 memorial in New York City, and Jerry will read as promised a story he wrote about a terminally ill teen whose school held a special graduation… just for him… before he died.

Plus, I’ll give Lakeshore listeners a sneak peek at my weekend columns, including my Sunday column on a home healthcare nurse who allegedly abused a disabled young boy from St. John, and the horrible acts she committed.