Casual Fridays April 7th, 2017

Apr 7, 2017

Do you remember attending the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in your younger days? Well, the cult classic film from the ‘70s is still playing across the country, including at The Art Theater in Hobart beginning again this weekend.

On today’s show, we will chat with the theater’s manager, John Davey who also happens to be one of the diehard “shadow cast” fans who still dresses up in campy costumes to honor the movie. Why? How? With who? We’ll tell Lakeshore listeners in a few minutes.

We’ll also venture into Barry Manilow’s – yawwwwn – announcement that he’s GAY. Really, Barry? Why now? Why not decades ago when the rest of the world already knew? Jerry is writing about this tender subject and we’ll touch on it too.

Karen and I also will explore the four-word confessional from an Academy Award-winning movie that many of us may relate to in our lives. “I can’t beat it.”

And Jerry will read his column today in the Post-Tribune on grief, which can be a lonely mourner. It’s an intimate emotion that prefers solitude and reflection. Yet too often it gets revealed in public despite our best attempts to conceal it.     

Also, I’ll reveal some of the intriguing things that readers and listeners have whispered to me after my book signings for my new book “Crooked Politics in NWI.” Everyone seems to have a related story of crooked shenanigans in DA REGION.