Casual Fridays April 28th, 2017

Apr 28, 2017

Susan Jones of Hebron and her son Braxon.

Braxson Jones was just 6 months old when his father allegedly shook him so violently that it led to the arrest last week of Curtis Jones, a former Porter County cop whose initial court hearing attracted a lot of media attention.

Earlier this week I met with Braxson's mother, Susan Jones of Hebron, who's estranged from her husband as their divorce gets finalized. She has been in contact with me for months, waiting to share her side of this sad incident, mostly what her baby has been through since "the tragedy," as she describes it. Multiple surgeries, cutting-edge treatments and costly medical bills for a baby who will never be any semblance of who he used to be.

Susan is in the studio with us today, and she will be the subject of Jerry’s upcoming column in the Post Tribune. We will hear HER side of this sad story in just a minute.

We also will talk on the studio line with Morgan Snyder, a representative from Visit Indy, the tourism agency touting Indianapolis, our favorite “little big city,” as we call it. If you’re looking for a getaway destination, we will give you all kinds of ideas.   

We will also play one of YOUR voice mails, which taps into a chronic complaint from the older generation of listeners and readers against the younger generations.

Plus, I’ll give Lakeshore listeners a sneak peek at my weekend columns, including my Sunday column on the Hoosier Pickers, a group of bluegrass musicians who show up each Sunday afternoon on the Erie-Lakawanna bike trail in Schererville to play for passersby.