Today:  Bowden Quinn, the executive director of the Sierra Club of Indiana, talks about the issues that the incoming Trump and Pence administration may affect, as well as the incoming Holcomb administration at the Statehouse.  We'll also hear from Indiana Public Broadcasting's Brandon Smith on what legislators may have to do to the next two-year state budget if the Trump administration makes any changes.

Indiana economist Morton Marcus joins us with his view of the latest on the Hoosier State's economy and what he'd advise the next Governor, if he had Eric Holcomb's ear.

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GUESTS: Country Artist JIMMY SARR & Production Manager BRIAN WYNN


Sam Cockrell Featured on Confessin' the Blues

Dec 23, 2016
Darryl Wilson / Luers Tree Farm

Region residents who want a real Christmas Tree have an entire tree farm they can go to which is local and family-owned! Luers Tree Farm, at 6303 West 91st Avenue in Crown Point started in 1976 and is still in business.

Doug Luers is a second generation owner who took over the business from his father, Bud, who started the operation while Doug was still in High School.

Originally broadcast on TUESDAY, DEC. 20, 2016


“T’was The Week Before Christmas with THE SPANIELS FOREVER”  

Northwest Indiana’s iconic vocal group – THE SPANIELS FOREVER — who have been singing for six decades, stopped by the radio studio to sing Christmas Carols, Holiday favorites to help bring the season alive to Lakeshore radio listeners.  They even sang a couple of non-holiday songs.

More Babies Born Drug Dependent In Rural Areas

Dec 19, 2016

A new study finds an alarming increase in the number of newborns dependent on drugs. The new research shows the number of newborns drug dependent increased nearly fivefold since 2000. Rural areas were especially hard hit – nationally, up to 21% of infants are born suffering from withdrawal.

Dash To Victory

Dec 17, 2016

What's that French phrase for a two-person meeting where you put your heads together? If you said "tete-a-tete," then you'll enjoy this final round where every answer contains at least two hyphens.

Heard on Tim Gunn: Make It Smirk!

Jumbled Plots

Dec 17, 2016

Chris Pratt stars in "Disco Walrus Jr.," a movie in which he runs around a theme park whose genetic engineering produces a funky sea mammal. That's the gist of this game, where titles of recent movies are anagrammed to make new titles.

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We Are Families

Dec 17, 2016

This music game is fun for the whole family! Jonathan Coulton sings a parody of the Sister Sledge song "We Are Family" rewritten to be about real and fictional famous families.

Heard on Tim Gunn: Make It Smirk!

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Part 4 of the TED Radio Hour episode Reconciliation

About Eli Pariser's TED Talk

Eli Pariser explains why being trapped in "filter bubbles" is bad for us and bad for democracy. He says we don't get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview.

About Eli Pariser

Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode Reconciliation

About Suzanne Barakat's TED Talk

Suzanne Barakat speaks about the challenge of reconciling shock, anger and acceptance after her brother and sisters-in-law were murdered in an anti-Muslim hate crime.

About Suzanne Barakat

Should We Take "The Other" To Lunch?

Dec 16, 2016

Part 5 of the TED Radio Hour episode Reconciliation

About Elizabeth Lesser's TED Talk

Elizabeth Lesser shares a simple way to begin meaningful dialogue: find someone from a totally different background — and spend a few hours with them over lunch.

About Elizabeth Lesser

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GUEST: Composer/Performer/Author THOMAS DOLBY


Jeannene Anderson

A Minnesota steel company is spending almost $9 million dollars to grow its operations at the Port of Indiana in Burns Harbor, as state officials say they’ll prioritize Indiana ports and infrastructure investment in 2017.

Ratner Steel Supply plans to double the size of its four-year-old operations in Portage, just east of Gary.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation says Ratner will add a few dozen jobs and expand its ability to ship steel across the Region.

Originally broadcast on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2016

IN-STUDIO GUEST: WOLFFGANG (Female Vocal Ensemble)  

“Howling In the Holidays with Wolffgang”            


The Environmental Protection Agency has found unsafe levels of lead in the drinking water of some homes in East Chicago, Indiana.

The city is already grappling with high levels of lead and arsenic found in the soil around homes inside its EPA toxic waste clean-up site, or Superfund.

That contamination came from a former smelting plant in the area. But an EPA spokesman says it’s “not possible for lead from contaminated soil to get into your tap water.”

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GUEST:  Singer, Songwriter, Actor — DAMIAN McGINTY (“Glee” & Celtic Thunder”)

Sharon Jackson / Lakeshore Public Media

Lifelong Hammond resident, Darnell Jones has had his life impacted by some unfortunate occurrences.

But now Darnell is the recipient of a fortunate circumstance. He is a partner family and a recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home that is being designed specifically for him. He's 32-year's-old and has custody of his daughter and son who will also be living with him.

Jeannene Anderson


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Sarah Tritt


Sharon Jackson / Lakeshore Public Media

The East Chicago Marina is getting an overhaul.  Boating enthusiasts have been upset over the conditions at the East Chicago Marina, but Mayor Anthony Copeland says starting with the upcoming boating season, there will be an improved facility.

The City of East Chicago is working with W.F. Baird & Associates of Madison, Wisconsin to develop a revised dockage layout that will replace about half the docks at the marina, providing approximately 150 slips.

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IN-STUDIO GUEST: GENE STEWART with special guest The Spaniels


Originally broadcast on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2016

MUSICAL GUEST: CHARLIE DANIELS                             


Nov 21, 2016

A judge has thrown out an antitrust claim against China by U.S. Steel. It’s the latest twist in the Northwest Indiana steel giant’s months-long bid to ban Chinese steel imports:

International Trade Commission administrative judge Dee Lord rejected the Pittsburgh-based company’s antitrust complaint against China. But it’s not the only trade case that U.S. Steel has in the works with the ITC.

Jazz Organic | Episode 26

Nov 20, 2016

Jazz Organic | Episode 26 | Original Airdate: November 20, 2016

Featured Artists: Melvin Rhyne, Charles Earland, Doug Riley, Don Patterson, Matthew Kaminski

Album Spotlight: Matthew Kaminski | Live at Churchill Grounds | 2016 | Chicken Coup

Personnel: Matthew Kaminski, organ | Rod Harris, Jr., guitar | Chris Burroughs, drums | Will Scruggs, tenor saxophone | Kimberly Gordon, vocals

This edition of “A LOOK AT THE ARTS with Tom Lounges” originally aired FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2016


IN-STUDIO GUESTS:  RALPH KINSEY & PHIL POTEMPA with S’WHEATS the dog from “Annie Warbucks”) & LAURI DELL